Press Release

Ruby Neri: Outside, an online solo exhibition that documents and coincides with the installation of recent ceramic sculptures by the Los Angeles-based artist in the gallery’s new outdoor courtyard, is now live through March 2, 2021.

To access Ruby Neri: Outside, please click here.

The three works on view in Ruby Neri: Outside vary in size and composition, and they also propose three distinct relationships with the traditional vessel. In the case of the largest work, Untitled (2019), the only thing that might be said to function as a vessel in the usual sense is the pedestal-like form on which the life-sized figure appears to sit or lay. Neri has glazed this lower portion of the sculpture so that its 360-degree scene alludes directly to landscape: bucolic white flowers crop up from a yellow-green field and encircle a supine woman who might be seen as sleeping if not for her open eyes, which stare back at the viewer with a mixture of shock and curiosity. But it is the three-dimensional tableau of the work’s upper half that dominates its composition and contains its greatest surprises. As a sculptural statement, it is marked by bravado and action; as a representation of the complexities of motherhood, it is perhaps even more far-reaching.