Press Release

David Kordansky Gallery presents One-on-One: Evan Holloway, Rapid and Laughterful. The online exhibition features a new sculpture whose potent symbolism, material immediacy, and art-historical reach make it one of the definitive statements of Holloway’s career. The presentation will remain on view through August 5, 2020.

To access One-on-One: Evan Holloway, Rapid and Laughterful, please click here.

Like an altarpiece for a secret cathedral of the mind, Rapid and Laughterful (2020) is charged with mystical concepts that account—at least in part—for its idiosyncratic and immediately recognizable form. The multitude of small heads covering its elongated, helix-like shape is filled with individual moments of humor, perplexity, and psychological depth. But seen in the aggregate, these heads also constitute a rippling, texturally dense visual field that both complements and contrasts with any read of the work’s overall geometry. This push and pull, which is put into further motion as the viewer approaches and circles the object, is, on the one hand, a testament to Holloway’s profound engagement with both the major and minor legacies of modernist sculpture. On the other, though, it is driven by a worldview that is cosmological in scope, and that encompasses everything from the magical visions of prophets, the spiritual architecture of ancient Egypt, and the psychedelic, DIY ethos that has characterized cultural production on the West Coast for decades