Press Release

Evan Holloway: Outside, an online solo exhibition that documents the installation of three sculptures by the Los Angeles-based artist in the gallery’s outdoor courtyard, is now live through July 27.

Click here to view the exhibition.

The online exhibition includes the two latest of the artist’s Möbius-strip-like aluminum sculptures, whose twisted, looping volumes hold sticks of incense that, when lit, create their own curving, shifting—and scented—shapes in the air. These works are seen alongside a bronze sculpture, totemic in form, whose sides are studded with casts of spent batteries. Both types have deep roots in Holloway’s project, which emerged from the theory-and-critique-heavy scene of the 1990s with a then-provocative—and sui generis—emphasis on modernist aesthetics, esoteric spirituality, and the ancient, even primal, function of sculpture as a collective endeavor. An important part of his position was, and continues to be, his insistence on producing objects in a DIY, hands-on fashion. Even when working in bronze, he forgoes the use of maquettes and miniatures, and manipulates his materials at scale before casting them.