David Kordansky Gallery

  • Samara Caughey
January 28 — March 05, 2005

  • Installation view
  • Installation view
  • Installation view
  • Envy, 2005, wood, felt, wire, tape, acrylic paint, 48 x 42 x 22 inches (121.9 x 106.7 x 55.9 cm)
  • Purple Mantle, 2005, wood, dried seaweed, nails, wire, plastic, acrylic paint, 46 x 15 x 12 inches (116.8 x 38.1 x 30.5 cm)
  • Pecking Order, 2005, wood, plaster, rope, coconut shell, wire, string, acrylic paint, 46 x 9 x 21 inches (116.8 x 22.9 x 53.3 cm)
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David Kordansky Gallery is pleased to present Los Angeles based sculptor Samara Caughey in her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. The opening reception will be held Friday, January 28th and the exhibition will be on view through Saturday, March 5th.


With a repertoire that includes both freestanding and wall-hung pieces, Samara Caughey continues the divergence in sculpture that began in the 1960's with the work of Richard Tuttle and Eva Hesse, at times flirting with classical modernism. The sculptural work operates as a result of at least two motivating factors. On one hand, Samara considers issues in sculpture that have shaped its discourse historically, such as representation, stacking, tension, and the relationship between sculpture and base. On another hand, the work is simultaneously fueled by the contemporary notion that such sculptural tropes are not simply detached from one another, and are often part of the same conceptual point of reference. Fittingly, her work is frequently comprised of found materials such as logs, twigs, coconut shells, wire, and thread and developed into a formal autonomy. The material and formal qualities of the work make the polarity between classical and contemporary issues in sculpture explicit and challenge the viewer to bridge the gaps.


Samara Caughey's work has recently been exhibited at Midway Contemporary Art in St. Paul, Minnesota and at the David Kordansky Gallery.


For more information please contact the gallery at (323) 222-1482, send a fax to (323) 227-7933 or email info@davidkordanskygallerygallery.com