David Kordansky Gallery

  • The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture, 2016, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, Installation view
  • The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture, 2016, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, Installation view
  • Oyster, 2016, steel, chemically-chromed resin, acrylic, wood, Formica, overall: 52 x 21 5/8 x 11 3/4 inches (132 x 55 x 30 cm)
  • Oyster, 2016, (detail) steel, chemically-chromed resin, acrylic, wood, Formica, overall: 52 x 21 5/8 x 11 3/4 inches (132 x 55 x 30 cm)
  • Steven Claydon, Analogues, Methods, Monsters, Machines, curated by Andrea Bellini, 2015, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland, Installation view
  • Steven Claydon, Analogues, Methods, Monsters, Machines, curated by Andrea Bellini, 2015, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland, Installation view
  • Busted, 2013, High Line Art, New York, NY, Installation view
  • Steven Claydon, Culpable Earth, 2012, firstsite, Colchester, Essex, England, Installation view
  • Steven Claydon, Culpable Earth, 2012, firstsite, Colchester, Essex, England, Installation view
  • Discretionary Vessels, 2011, turned wood, gourd penis sheather, perspex, dry grass matting, powder-coated steel, 38.39 x 38.39 x 7.87 inches (97.5 x 97.5 x 20 cm)
  • The Vehicles of Becoming (Paolozzi and Buckshot Bauxite), 2011, carved portland stone, cast aluminium, buckshot bauxite ore, wood, powder-coated steel, plastic, electronic cabling, stainless steel, 62.99 x 35.43 x 35.43 inches (160 x 90 x 90 cm)
  • Aggregate Protagonist, 2010, foam cast head, perspex eye, coat, metal and buckram plinth, hook and leather sheepskin coat, 66.54 x 13.98 x 13.98 inches (169 x 35.5 x 35.5 cm)
  • (Joanna) The Concealment and the Showing Forth, 2010, powder coated metal frame and stool, buckram and aluminum, 59.06 x 48.82 x 29.53 inches (150 x 124 x 75 cm)
  • Goldene Zeiten, 2010, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany, Installation view
  • Corpuscular Dithyramb, 2009, ceramic, powder coated steel, wood, buckram, plastic, textile, rubber, rope, concrete, 184 x 120 x 120 inches (467.4 x 304.8 x 304.8 cm)
  • Good Dithyramb (The Folly of Equivalence), 2009, powder coated steel, aluminium, buckram, wood, ceramic, carpet, leather, felt, brass, steel wool, red oxide, plastic, found objects, 207 x 250 x 188 inches (525.8 x 635 x 477.5 cm)
  • Trans Substanciated Triptych, 2009, oil and acrylic on canvas, cast aluminium barrel, bronze, powder coated steel, wood, buckram, print on paper, rope, brass screws, 170 x 177 x 110 inches (431.8 x 449.6 x 279.4 cm)
  • Appolonian self abnegation, 2008, acrylic and ink on paper, 45.9 x 40.8 inches (116.6 x 103.6 cm)
  • Liberty caps, 2008, mixed media, 15.9 x 57.9 x 15.6 inches (40.4 x 147.1 x 39.6 cm)
  • Obst, 2008, mixed media, 11.8 x 7.1 x 5.1 inches (30 x 18 x 13 cm)
  • The Correspondence of Hubris (Compound), 2006, mixed media, 21 x 11 x 9 inches (53.3 x 27.9 x 22.9 cm)


born 1969, London, England
lives and works in London, England


MA, Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design, London, England

BA, Chelsea School of Art & Design, London, England

(* indicates a publication)

The Outside In, presented by Reading International, Museum of English Rural Life, Reading, England

*The Archipelago of Contented Peoples: Introduced Species, Mount Stuart, Isle of Bute, Scotland
*The Archipelago of Contented Peoples: Endurance Groups, The Common Guild, Glasgow, Scotland

Der Überlebensinstinkt, Kimmerich, Berlin, Germany
The Guilded Bough, Sadie Coles, London, England

The Fictional Pixel and The Ancient Set, NO.5, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway
*Analogues, Methods, Monsters, Machines, curated by Andrea Bellini, Centre D’Art Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland

Hoderlin in Knapsack, OFFSITE, Rossinière, Switzerland

Grid & Spike, Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy
Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich, Germany
Total Social Objects, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Rat. Pearl. London. Onion:, Sadie Coles HQ, London, England
*Culpable Earth, firstsite, Colchester, Essex, England

Twickenham Garden, Kimmerich, New York, NY
Mon Plaisir…Votre Travail…, La Salle de bains, Lyon, France

Trom Bell To The Bow Draps, HOTEL, London, England
Golden Times, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
The Ground is Good, Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle, Munich, Germany
Two Times New Horizon, Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milan, Italy

The Ancient Set and The Fictional Pixel, Film Installations and Performance,
Serpentine Pavillion, London
Osram and Omar, HOTEL, London, England
The Ancient Set, International Project Space, Bourneville, Birmingham, England
A & not A, Galerie Dennis Kimmerich, Düsseldorf, Germany

New Valkonia, David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Galerie Dennis Kimmerich, Dusseldorf, Germany
Courtesy of the Neighborhood Watch, White Columns, New York, NY

All Across the Thready Eye, Galerie Dennis Kimmerich, Düsseldorf, Germany
Fear of a planet, Hotel, London, England

The third of the third, Hoxton Distillery, London, England

(* indicates a publication)

Casts and Copies, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
Good Grief, Charlie Brown!, Somerset House, London, England
Enea Tree Museum, Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland
E dimmi che non vuoi morire: il mito di Niobe, curated by Andrea Bruciati and Micaela Angle, Sanctuary of Victor Hercules, Villa Adriana e Villa d’Este, Tivoli, Italy

*The Policeman´s Beard is Half Constructed – Art in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, organized by Michelle Cotten, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn, Germany
HRM199: For A Partnership Society, organized by Elizabeth Neilson, Zabludowicz Collection, London, England
Identify your limitations, acknowledge your periphery, VITRINE, Basel, Switzerland

November’s Bone, Halsey McKay Gallery, East Hampton, NY
One Day Something Happens: Paintings of People, curated by Jennifer Higgie, Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, England
The Hepworth Prize for Sculpture, The Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield, England
The Science of Imaginary Solutions, Breese Little, London, England
LSD, Rob Tufnell, London, England
Self-Portrait, Massimo de Carlo, London, England
The Promise of Total Automation, curated by Anne Faucheret, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria
Steven Claydon: Infra-idol Assembly, Moore Street Substation, Up Down Top Bottom Strange and Charm, Art Sheffield, Sheffield, England
Solid Liquids, Kunsthalle Münster, Münster, Germany
*The Historical Exhibition: Sites Under Construction, Manifesta 11, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Zurich, Switzerland

One Day, Something Happens: Paintings of People, curated by Jennifer Higgie, Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, England; Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Nottingham, England
On The Devolution Of Culture, Rob Tufnell, London, England
The Persistence of Objects, curated by The Common Guild, Glasgow, Lismore Castle Arts, Lismore, Ireland
*The Noing Uv It, curated by Martin Clark in collaboration with Steven Claydon, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway

Who Shall Deliver Us From the Greeks and Romans?, Galeri Manâ, curated by Cristiana Perrella, Istanbul, Turkey

Period Room, Palais de Tokyo, France
This is our Art This is our Music: An exhibition of Art by Musicians and Music by Artists, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Winter Show/Exposition d’Hiver, Marc Jancou Contemporary, New York, NY
*RepertoryOne Torino, curated by Gary Carrion-Murayari, Palazzo Cavour, Turin, Italy
Assembly: A Survey of Recent Artists’ Film and Video in Britain 2008–2013, Tate Britain, London, England
Aquatopia, Notthingham Contemporary, Nottingham, England; Tate St Ives, St Ives, England
Young Collectors, Maison Particulière, Brussels, Belgium
Private Collection Selected by #1 / Anneke Eussen, Galerie Tatjana Pieters, Ghent, Belgium
Indifferent Matter: From Object to Sculpture, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, England
Busted, High Line Commission, High Line Art, New York, NY
The Bronze Age, Massimo De Carlo, Milan, Italy
*Transmitter / Receiver: The Persistence of Collage from the Arts Council Collection, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, Wales; Tullie House, Carlisle, Cumbria, England

Soundworks, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England
In the Space of the Beholder | Contemporary Sculpture, from the Sammlung Moderne Kunst, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany
*Transmitter / Receiver: The Persistence of Collage from the Arts Council Collection, The Lightbox, Woking, England; The New Art Gallery Walsall, Walsall, West Midlands, England; Usher Gallery, Lincoln, England

CLASSICS, Carlson Gallery, London, England
The Keno Twins 5, curated by Michael Bauer, Barriera, Turin, Italy
The Profane Myth, The Literary & Philosophical Society and The Mining Institute, Newcastle upon Tyne, England
The Strawberry Thief, curated by Jeremy Deller, The Fine Art Society, London, England
*Transmitter / Receiver: The Persistence of Collage from the Arts Council Collection, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesbrough, England
Something in the Way, LIAF 2011, Kabelvag, Norway
*We Will Live, We Will See, Zabludowicz Collection, London, England
*Secret Societies. To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silence, Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany; CAPC de Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France
Savage Messiah, Rob Tufnell, London, England
*Time Again, curated by Fionn Meade, SculptureCenter, New York, NY
*British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet, Hayward Gallery, London, England; Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow, Scotland; Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland; Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland; Peninsula Arts Gallery, Plymouth, England; Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, England; Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth, England; The Slaughterhouse, Plymouth, England; Plymouth College of Arts Gallery, Plymouth, England

*British Art Show 7: In the Days of the Comet, Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham, England
Alexandra Bircken, Carol Bove, Steven Claydon, Kimmerich, New York, NY
*Rive Gauche/Rive Droite, organized by Marc Jancou, Paris, France
*At Home/Not at Home: Works from the Collection of Martin and Rebecca Eisenberg, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Goldene Zeiten, Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

Newspeak: British Art Now, The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
The Dark Monarch, Tate St.Ives, Cornwall, England
Le sang d’un poete, Saint-Nazaire Biennale, Frac des Pays de la Loire, France
Remote Memories, curated by Zdenek Felix, KAI 10, Dusseldorf, Germany

Heroes and Villians, Marc Jancou Contemporary, New York, NY
Busan Biennial, Busan, Korea
*In Geneva No One Can Hear You Scream, Blondeau Fine Art Services, Geneva, Switzerland

Strange Events Permit Themselves the Luxury of Occurring, curated by Steven Claydon, Camden Arts Centre, London, England

Nueva Dimension, organised by Dick Evans, Hats Plus, London, England
Effigies, Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London, England
Old School, Hauser & Wirth, London, England and Zwirner and Wirth, New York, NY
*Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967, curated by Dominic Molon, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL
Galerie Rüdiger Shcöttle, Munich, Germany
Come into the Open, Projekt 0047, Oslo, Norway
Pale Carnage, Arnolfini, Bristol, England; Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, England
Hotel Gallery London, Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin, Germany
The Metal Bridge, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, Scotland

The Metal Bridge, Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, Scotland
Deep Into That Darkness Peering, Galerie Kamm, Berlin, Germany
Rings of Saturn, Tate Modern, London, England
Keep passing the open windows or Happiness, Galerie Gisela Capitain, Cologne, Germany
Galerie Kamm, Berlin, Germany
*Dereconstruction, curated by Matthew Higgs, Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York, NY
Writing the Strobe, Curated by Andrew Hunt, Dicksmith Gallery, London, England

Le Voyage Interieur, curated by Alexis Vaillant and Alex Farquharson, Espace EDF Electra, Paris, France
Time Lines, Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westphalen, Düsseldorf, Germany
Flies Around the Fury Flotsam, Curators Space, London, England
Odiseado Tra Tempo, curated by Charlotte Mailler, Peter Kilchmann Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
*Paris – Londres: Le Voyage Interieur, curated by Alex Farquharson, Espace Electra, Paris, France
*Even a Stopped Clock Tells the Right Time Twice a Day, ICA, London, England
Post no Bills, White Columns, New York, NY
Clouds of Witness, Islington Town Hall, London, England

Live web-cast of sculpture at Show Studio
The Last Supper, Hoxton Distillery, London, England

Nibs, curated by Steven Claydon, Hoxton Distillery, London, England
In The Gathering Darkness, contribution with Neil Chapman for ‘The Poster The Show 1,2,3…’, Hoxton Distillery, London, England
R.I.P. photographic contribution with Neil Chapman for the Box of the Uncanny, a multiple produced by Christine Walter, Munich, Germany
Strange Greeny from The Sum of the Earth, collaboration with Neil Chapman, Hoxton Distillery, London, England

Grey Field Bulge/Tin Foil Blanket, contribution with Neil Chapman for The Poster The Show +1, group exhibition Hoxton Distillery, London, England

Stepped Series In Response To A Nothing, contribution with Neil Chapman, group exhibition, The 
Poster, The Show, Hoxton Distillery, London, England
It Grows Away, collaboration with Neil Chapman, Hoxton Distillery, London, England
Loud Like Nature, ADD N TO (X), installation and video, La Box, Borges, France

Five works in lieu of a particle accelerator, installation with Neil Chapman, Greengrassi, London, England

ADDING N TO (X), installation and performance, Villa Noailles, Hyeres, France

Its A Curse Its A Burden, curated by Glenn Brown, Approach Gallery, London, England
Shrimp-Ice Briefing, Live Arts Event, collaboration with Neil Chapman, ICA, London, England


Steven Claydon: Early Films, Cinema Dynamo, Centre D’Art Contemporain Geneva, Switzerland
Film London Jarman Award 2014, CIRCA Projects, Newcastle upon Tyne, Whitechapel, Gallery, London
Tramway Artists’ Moving Image Festival 2014, Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland
Artist Moving Image programme: Steven Claydon, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
ICA Artists’ Moving Image Network: Steven Claydon, Cornerhouse, Manchester, UK Artists’ Film Club, ICA, London, England,
Assembly: Composite II, curated by Isobel Harbison, Part of the series Assembly: A Survey of Recent Artists’ Film and Video in Britain 2008-2013, Clore Auditorium, Tate Britain, London, England

Alma Mater, LUX Touring Programme, curated by Steven Cairns, Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland; Grand Union, Birmingham, England

Alma Mater, LUX Touring Programme, curated by Steven Cairns, Whitechapel Gallery, London, England

The Ancient Set, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London, England

From Earth, Light Box, Tate Britain, London, England

Strange Greeny from The Sum of the Earth, video screening at Kunstwerk, Berlin, Germany

One Geocrab, film screening as part of Night Stop Cinema, The Week of Small Miracles, London, England


Equivalents, Firstsite, Colchester, Essex, England

Strange things permit themselves the luxury of occurring, Camden Arts Centre, London, England


Steven Claydon: Forward-Facing Lemon Yellow Eyes, Hayward Gallery, London, England

The Fictional Pixel, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London, England

Jack too Jack, Arnolfini, Bristol, England

Jack too Jack, Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany
Jack too Jack, Inverleith House, Edinburgh, Scotland
Jack too Jack, Rio Cinema, London, England Remixed Water, Manchester, England
Remixed Water, Manchester, England

Shades of Destructors, Prince Charles Theatre, London, England
Shades of Destructors, Gavin Brown Enterprise, New York, NY
Shades of Destructors, Humanist Society, London, England

The Opposite of a Good Idea, live performance with Neil Chapman, Inventory, Volume 3, issue 2, launch, Guy’s Hospital, London, England

ADD N TO (X) Dinner Music for Electronic Quartet, in collaboration with Barry Adamson, Nick Cave and Pansonic, Royal Festival Hall, London, England


Remixed Water, collaboration with Lawrence Wiener and Ned Sublet


Paul Hamlyn Foundation Awards for Artists 2017

Hepworth Prize for Sculpture, The Hepworth Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, shortlisted

Artist in Residence, Me.di.um, St. Barthelemy, French West Indies

(* indicates non-periodical book, catalog, or other publication)

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